Revised May 16, 2023


Part of ENTRE’s formula for supporting its members in taking their lives and businesses to the next level is its incredible Communities. ENTRE strives to keep its growing Communities a safe place for its members to get and share advice, feedback, inspiration, encouragement and be part of a Community of like-minded individuals who care. As part of its efforts to foster that environment, ENTRE has implemented the following Community Guidelines and Expectations for all who access, view or participate in ENTRE’s Communities:

Share Your Journey & Encourage Others

The primary goal of ENTRE’s Communities is to provide members with a safe place where they can get (and give) advice, feedback, inspiration, encouragement and share their journey with like-minded people who care. Please refrain from sharing outside posts or links into our community groups. We encourage you to share content that you have created yourself.

Be Kind and Courteous

Please note that ENTRE has a zero tolerance policy for inappropriate behavior. Abusive, inappropriate, discriminatory, defamatory, obscene, or harassing behavior toward ENTRE team members and Communities will not be tolerated in any form. Any behavior deemed inappropriate toward any ENTRE team members or Communities may result in blocked communications, exclusion of the group, or other actions necessary to ensure the safety, comfort, and respect of all ENTRE team members and Communities.

Healthy debate and disagreement can be constructive, If you choose to disagree with fellow online commentators, do so respectfully and factually. If you speak negatively about a competitor’s business in any way, do not disparage the competitor beyond stating facts to make your point. The key to a great Community is an engaging and inclusive space where anyone can learn and grow. Be nice!

Respect Everyone's Privacy

Being part of ENTRE’s Communities requires mutual trust. Authentic, expressive discussions make groups great, but may also be sensitive and private. What's shared in the group should stay in the group - no visitor or member of the group should share or disseminate information obtained from within the Community without consent.

Similarly, do not cite or refer to customers, vendors or business associates, identify them by name or reveal any confidential information related to them without getting their permission in advance. Also, do not discuss or conduct business with a customer, supplier or business associate in an open forum.

No Cross-Promotion or Spam

ENTRE takes a strong stance against cross-promotion, lead generation and soliciting within its Communities. ENTRE takes a strong stance against cross-promotion, lead generation and soliciting within its Communities. No visitor or member of the group, either directly or indirectly, is permitted to utilize information (from posts, members, member lists, or otherwise) accessed through or contained within the Community to contact, target or solicit its members for the purpose of offering services, selling products or otherwise encouraging members away from the Community or ENTRE.

Falsely representing yourself, your relationship with ENTRE, including any impersonation of ENTRE, or anyone affiliated with the ENTRE will result in immediate removal from the Community, and may result in legal action.

You acknowledge and agree that violation of this rule creates harms to ENTRE that are inherently difficult to quantify and value. Accordingly, you agree that you will pay ENTRE liquidated damages of $10,000 per occurrence for any violation of this rule. You agree that this relief constitutes a fair and reasonable approximation of the damages caused by your conduct. You agree that ENTRE has the right to determine what constitutes an “occurrence” and that, if it so chooses, ENTRE may alternatively elect to pursue damages in an amount to be determined at any trial or hearing on this matter. You also agree that this liquidated damages provision does not preclude ENTRE from seeking injunctive relief, if it deems necessary, and that the payment of these liquidated damages will not prevent ENTRE from sustaining irreparable harm.

Report Unsolicited Messages

Members who are contacted through direct private or group message by someone in the ENTRE Community (or perhaps with connections to sources in the ENTRE Community) who is attempting to offer or sell third party products or services should immediately report such information to a Group Admin or to [email protected] so ENTRE can address the issue and remove the offending party. ENTRE welcomes screenshots or chat logs in these instances!

If it’s not from ENTRE or an authorized representative of ENTRE, it is not endorsed by ENTRE and is likely to be spam or a scam. We recommend that our Community members be prudent when sharing information and, when in doubt, reach out to your Advisor or the Support team with any questions.

Help Us Moderate Discussions

The ENTRE Communities are a welcome space for intelligent discussion and support. ENTRE expects its Community visitors and members to help each other keep conversations appropriate, and to report posts or threads that are problematic or violate these Community Guidelines.

In addition, you may not block a group admin or moderator - doing so may result in you being removed from the group.

Keep It Relevant

Conversations in ENTRE Communities cover a variety of topics, but visitors or members making posts or comments that are super off-target may have their post(s) removed in order to keep discussions relevant and on track. We understand this can be subjective, so we leave it up to our Group Admins and Moderators to make these determinations. This includes posts on religion, politics, current events or other potential opposing beliefs. We have to respect the views of all our members and ensure a safe space for everyone.

Feedback Posts

ENTRE encourages its Community members to ask for constructive feedback on their game plan, websites, content, advertising, etc. but NOT if the intention is to promote their products, services or business. This too can be subjective. ENTRE may provide warnings to community members, or remove posts or members if communications seem to be more geared towards soliciting leads or buyers than soliciting feedback.

Income Claims

ENTRE encourages members of its Community to share their own personal results so long as they are TRUTHFUL and shared in a way that provides value to other Community members by sharing their own honest personal experience, journey, struggles or victories. Sharing is caring!

Privacy and Information Sharing

While ENTRE encourages members of its community to share their experience at their own discretion, there is no obligation to provide information about any results. ENTRE and authorized representatives do not require members to disclose income and/or business results. If members are contacted through direct private or group messages by other members inquiring about income or business results, they have the right to not disclose any information. ENTRE may provide warnings to community members, remove posts or exclude members if communications are deemed by ENTRE to be harassing or poaching by nature.

Acceptance and Credentials are Non-Transferrable

Your acceptance to become a member of an ENTRE Community group is based upon individual selection after careful review by the ENTRE Community Management team and dependent on the community group parameters and criteria. ENTRE does not allow participants to reassign their place, rights, or obligations to any third party. While we appreciate members bringing their friends and family to ENTRE, sharing login credentials is prohibited. Only members that have been approved and received login credentials are allowed to participate in community groups.

Utilize the Appropriate Channels

ENTRE Communities aren’t an extension of ENTRE Concierge. Please direct individual customer support issues or product inquiries to [email protected]

Notice of Public Posting

Members of this community should be advised that information posted in the group is considered public pursuant to Facebook's Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. By agreeing to these Guidelines you give permission to ENTRE to use any content you posted publicly in this group for marketing purposes across its social media platforms, websites and other marketing channels. ENTRE will not publish your personal information without your express consent. If you do not wish your content to be shared outside of this group you must notify ENTRE at [email protected]

Respect and Comply with the Terms of Use of the Community Platform

Do not expose yourself to legal risk by accessing or using a community platform in violation of its terms of use. Review the terms of use of the social media site hosting the community you visit or become a member of and ensure your use complies with them. Pay particular attention to terms relating to:

  • Prohibitions or restrictions on the use of the social media site, including prohibitions or restrictions on use for advertising, marketing and promotions, or other commercial purposes (for example, Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities (its terms of use) and accompanying Promotion Guidelines).
  • Ownership of intellectual property used on, or information collected or generated through use of, the site.
  • Requirements for licenses or other permissions allowing use by the site owner and other third parties of the company’s trademarks or other intellectual property.
  • Privacy rights and responsibilities of the site owner and users.

ENTRE takes its Communities seriously. Violation of these Community Guidelines, particularly in a way that could subject ENTRE to liability, may result in action by ENTRE that may include removal from the group and legal action where appropriate. Members who violate ENTRE’s Community Guidelines who are removed from the group are not eligible for refunds. We encourage all members to adhere to these guidelines, and to report violations to [email protected].